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Your Participants Overview

When you need to get feedback from your own group of participants, or need to start building a list of users to test with, there are several ways Helio can support that feedback loop.

With a free account, you have access to an Open Audience single-use survey, which allows you to collect your first 50 responses for free!

With a Business Plan, your Open Audience is available as a Shareable Link under the Your Participants tab of the Audiences page. Business plans provide the first 500 responses for free!

With an Enterprise subscription, you have access to the Shareable Link mentioned above, plus several other options for building and surveying a list of your customers:

  • Uploads
  • Screeners
  • Intercepts
  • Integrations

Open Audience

Open Audiences provide you with a link you can send to anyone you want to participate. Set up and launch a test with an Open Audience to get your shareable link, then drop it in a message blast, social post, email chain, or wherever your team needs it. Responses that come in from an Open Audience link are anonymous unless you ask for their identifying information in the survey.

Use the “Create Test” action on your Audience page to create a test with a shareable link, or choose “Open” from the audience options on a test you’ve already begun.

Upload Your List

Uploads work great if you have a customer group ready you want to turn into a List ready for testing. The “Add List” action on the Audience page will take you to the List page.

When you create a new List, you can use an Upload to add an existing participant group into Helio, or set up a Screener that will gather customers who opt-in for testing. Check out our Help Center article on Uploads to see the full breakdown of how to add participants to your List.

Once you have a List ready on your account, you can use the “Create Test” action next to any list on the Audience page, or select “Your Lists” on the test creation page.

Screeners: Recruit Panelists

If you do not have a participant group prepared, Helio can also be used to recruit panelists using Screeners. Screeners can be used to collect a list of your own customers to test with using Helio. Use a landing page hosted by Helio or embed a banner on your site to start building an audience.

Learn more about using Screeners to recruit an audience of your own participants!

Intercepts: Embed a Survey

Intercept surveys allow you to embed a Helio survey onto your platform so you can collect participants’ feedback in real time. Click “Add Intercept” on the Audience page to visit the intercept creation page and request this new feature be added to your account. Once you have Intercepts connected to your account, check out our Help Center article on how to build and use Intercepts!

If you already have an intercept set up, you can create a survey with an intercept using the “Create Test” action on the Audience page, or by selecting “Your Intercepts” on the test creation page.

Integrations: Connect Your CRM

Integrations will allow you to connect your company’s CRM to Helio so that you can directly tap into your customer and client lists for testing. Use the “Add Integration” button on the Audience page to reach out to our team about what platforms your team would like to integrate with Helio!