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Test Information

This is where you can get the housekeeping out of the way early. Give your test a clear name and add any tags that might help your team members search for this test in the future. To add a tag, type in the label of the tag you want to create, and then press Enter.

Assign to Project allows you to shift tests around in your account for simple organization purposes. By default, the test will always be assigned to the most recent project that you created a test in.

The Language dropdown lets you change the language of the actions and help text within the survey (“Continue”, “Play video with sound”, “Select up to 3 options”, etc.). Note: changing the language will not change the language the questions are written in throughout the survey.

Finally, you’ll get a view of what demographics will be available to segment by in the data report view. All 4 boxes are checked by default (Gender, Age, Income, and Education) are checked by default.