Research CRM

Find the perfect participants

Simplify your research operations for faster test and survey results. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and say hello to more time for analysis and storytelling.

Create diverse panels easily

Effortlessly manage your recruitment process by grouping people into organized lists and segments. Panels make it simple to separate different user populations, streamline recruitment efforts, and effortlessly enforce governance.


Forget the tedious spreadsheets

Sick of using spreadsheets? Helio can help you bring all your past participants and surveys together, making launching your next survey or test a breeze. Say goodbye to lost users and the chaos of dealing with ineffective tools.

Capture the right participants

Find the ideal test and survey participants. Dive deep into problem-solving by connecting with the right segments. Effortlessly recruit individuals beyond your usual user base through your website with embedded intercept surveys and screeners.

Revamp your research process with ease

research crm control panel

Powerful panel management

Unlock the full potential of your team with the leading survey panel software. Designed for product and marketing teams, adored by researchers, and trusted by participants.

Streamline research across teams

Start your research in a fraction of the time and accelerate your process. Helio brings your entire team together to effortlessly create, review, and launch new research surveys. Say goodbye to wasted weeks and say hello to efficient collaboration.

Stay on brand with messaging

Use personalized email campaigns to reach your target audience, complete with your unique tone of voice, brand, email domain, and signature. Track engagement with ease and enjoy the convenience of all your data neatly packaged.

Unlock user insights quickly and effortlessly

create a list panel in minutes

Create a list panel in minutes

Set up a list to start creating a panel.




Setup a screener to capture new participants

Choose your brand colors, add landing page copy, select up to five screener questions, choose your demographics, and customize your email copy.

upload csv or add participants

Upload a CSV list or manually add participants

Add to your lists by importing a CSV file or manually adding participants.

how to send survey test to panel

Send surveys and tests to your panel

Real-time report updates give you a front-row seat to watch participants answer your survey and test questions.

Build panels for continuous product discovery with Helio

Effortlessly take control of your user panel

Easily incorporate customers into your panel using branded opt-in forms, CSV imports, and project invites. Enhance your product experience by asking important questions to your users with in-product prompts to recruit participants and gather ongoing feedback.

Target participants with lists and segments

Easily filter your database based on specific properties to create segments tailored to your requirements. Segments are dynamic, meaning they will automatically include any participants who meet your criteria.

Capture new participants with website survey Intercepts

Increase your research engagement effortlessly. Boost response rates by linking feedback prompts to unique URLs and triggers. Take your targeting to the next level by presenting prompts to your specific cohorts.

Stay on brand with customized screeners and surveys

Customize the look and feel of your participant engagement with your logo, brand mark, and messaging to build trust.

Rich participant profiles and survey history

Gain valuable insight into your participants’ involvement by tracking completed surveys. Stay updated on their recent Helio activity and total completed. Keep track of the number of campaigns they’ve already received and unsubscribes. Improve your response rate by filtering your database for highly engaged participants.

Working with Helio has allowed us to engage with our customers in a new way. We can receive feedback and connect with our Providers on high-priority initiatives to the business before executing, minimizing risk to the business while at the same time creating community with our customers.

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List Management

Create separate lists for each research campaign you create with specific screeners.

CSV Import

Upload lists of participants into your panels with .csv files. Manually add users or edit their information.

Advanced Segments

Get laser-focused on your target audience with advanced segments. Use powerful filters to quickly identify the right users and save these segments for your team.

Rich Contact History

Discover every interaction participants have with your brand, spanning all your surveys. Add participant properties with screeners to ensure precise segmentation.

Customized Intercepts

Choose from six intercept types that include your branding and colors. Customize intercept messaging to stay on brand.

Screener Pages

Find your ideal participants quickly with smart screeners that segment users into specific groups.

Branded Survey Emails

Stay on brand with consistent branded emails and surveys that can be customized with your logo, colors, and messaging.

Participant Consent

Effortlessly obtain consent from new survey participants. Streamline your consent management, opt-outs, and research all in one place.

Research CRM FAQs

What is Research CRM?
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Research CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is a system that allows researchers to organize, track, and analyze their projects, data, and collaborations in one centralized platform.

What are the benefits of using Research CRM?
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Research CRM enables researchers to streamline their work, increase productivity, and stay organized throughout the research process. It also offers powerful data management capabilities, collaboration tools, and communication features.

How does Research CRM facilitate collaboration?
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Research CRM provides features such as shared project spaces, real-time document editing, and task assignment, allowing researchers to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. It also offers communication tools such as instant messaging, discussion boards, and email integration.

What advantages does Research CRM offer researchers?
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Research CRM offers researchers enhanced research efficiency, improved data analysis capabilities, and streamlined communication. It also provides a centralized platform for managing data, files, and collaborations as well as powerful search functionalities for quickly locating specific information.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a Research CRM platform?
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When selecting a Research CRM platform, it’s important to consider factors such as your research requirements, budget, and ease of use. It’s also essential to evaluate and compare different Research CRM platforms before making a decision.

What strategies can be used for successful CRM adoption?
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To ensure successful CRM adoption, it’s important to invest time in user training and change management efforts. This includes providing comprehensive training materials, conducting workshops, and appointing CRM champions within your research team.