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Helio is made by ZURB. Helio allows you to test prototypes, screens, and design ideas with ease and learn from real people in minutes. You can create feedback loops with your audience, make decisions more quickly, and validate product concepts before investing time into engineering or design.

  • Our robust audiences remove the difficulty and strain of recruiting participants for your tests and surveys.
  • Our test questions make it incredibly easy to collect the right type of feedback from your work.
  • Our realtime-reporting allows you to collect and filter qualitative and quantitative data instantly.

Helio was born from the need to learn from users in a quick and fast way. It was painful to invite people to review design work and have half the people not show up.

Our Services

Let us do your testing. We can support your team with test creation or program management. Our experienced advocates can research, synthesize and keep your testing running smoothly.

We can test and design in these specific areas:

Our team of design, engineering, and advocacy veterans love building complex digital products and integrated services. We'll help you navigate and discover valuable insights that will unlock huge breakthroughs for your organization.

Service Plans

Helio on Demand Test creation and synthesis

We create, run and synthesize your tests for your team using the Helio platform. The price is an additional 30% of your monthly Helio subscription. There are no hours or additional contracts to manage.

Continuous Research Weekly research learnings

The goal of continuous research is to bring more structure to your product and marketing testing processes through generative idea validation and evaluative concept testing.

Test & Learn Services Weekly design and testing

We design interface screens to create, run and synthesize your tests for your team. We help you mature your product, creative or research process by bringing in weekly and monthly accountability. We run the meetings, produce the work and provide an executive summary. With the Test and Learn program, there are no hours or additional contracts. We design interface screens to create, run and synthesize your tests for your team.

  • Design interface screens
  • Create questions for your tests
  • Run tests with your audiences
  • Synthesized Report Findings

Price is variable based on your needs but based on a weekly and monthly cadence.


None of this would be possible without our dynamic and empowering culture. It’s built on a set of shared values that shapes everything we do, both as individuals and as a whole. We sincerely believe that design has near limitless potential to change our world for the better, and this common belief has drawn together our creative, curious, and eccentric group of designers, researchers, and engineers. Our team possesses the unique ability to see the big picture while being able to dive into the code to make things pixel perfect. We ask questions, roll up our sleeves, and make things happen!

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Want to work with our team? We’re hiring, view our open roles

We’re a unique company. ZURB has 25 years of experience creating great products and is now focused on building our amazing product, Helio. We laid the foundation by creating a profitable product without marketing. We’re now ready to take the next step in our growth.

Helio Growth Marketer

Be a part of something AMAZING!

After years of supporting the biggest brands in Silicon Valley and beyond, such as Mozilla, Facebook, and Hulu, we saw a need in the marketplace that has yet to be fully realized. The need for brands to reach people similar to their customers based on behavior and life experience. After three years of development, we released Helio, a customer testing and survey platform that provides access to over 850,000 participants.

Helio allows brands to collect qualitative and quantitative answers from targeted audiences, enabling creative decisions to be made quickly and affordably. Since Helio’s launch, we’ve ranked within the top 5 products of Product Hunt, have over 76,000,000 questions answered, and have seen growth year over year. We’re excited to turn on the thrust boosters and leave the galaxy!

Who we are

We're a small team of driven product designers, engineers, and advocates who believe in rapid prototyping and learning from customers. We've been around since 1998, creating world-class products that hundreds of millions of people actually use. We believe Design, with a capital "D", can change the world, and we ensure it does. We need your help to bring our flagship product, Helio into the product design space.

You’ll be responsible for

  • Generate business opportunities through networking, email, and social media.
  • Develop core marketing narratives through communication with audiences, including new/existing communities, developers, and media/PR.
  • Create marketing plans that build processes, publish content, and drive inbound leads.
  • Track our analytics and data to figure out how to improve our marketing efforts.
  • Help us tell stories about our products and services to inspire people to try Helio.
  • Own, define, and experiment with messaging, website positioning, and product updates.

The good stuff we’re looking for

  • Comfort working in different marketing channels.
  • 3+ years of relevant work experience in marketing, growth, or a related field.
  • Superior oral and written communication skills with close attention to detail.
  • Extremely organized and able to quickly learn about different global industries.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team, helping us get things done.

A little more about us...

ZURB is a close-knit team that makes things happen from the West Coast. We’re a fully remote team, with our roots stemming from Campbell, CA . We’ve been around since 1998, have helped more than 500 startups design some amazing online products, and created many of our own products, like Foundation. Our customers range from large, well-known companies (Netflix, Hulu, eBay, Samsung, Mozilla, Facebook, Columbia) to start-ups you have yet to hear about. They all came to us because of our reputation for delivering successful ideas that work.

Are you ready to make the web a better place? If the answer is YAS, please click the link below and send us the following info.

  • Your top 3 skills
  • Your best teamwork tactic
  • Why do you want to work on Helio?

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