Research Panel

Reach your target audience

Helio offers a first-party panel of screened participants, allowing you to easily target, re-target, and save audiences.

Unlock audience insights in minutes

Gain consumer insights with our always-on panel. With curated demographics and rigorous quality control, our industry-leading platform ensures accurate and reliable data. 


Target the right panel audience

Reach your target audience effortlessly. Efficiently manage B2B, small business, gamer, or technology panels with strict screening processes and continuous respondent updates. 

Affordable subscription pricing

Say goodbye to costly per response fees with our convenient subscription-based pricing. Access a diverse pool of US and global consumers all in one convenient place.

Create confidently using Helio Audiences

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Spend less time recruiting participants

Use target audiences that are ready to go with button click. There’s no need for spending endless hours recruiting participants.
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Collect data that everyone in the org can use

Use audience panels to collect qualitative and quantitative data, answer opened ended survey questions, or screen usability tests.
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Create products that focus on users

Having an audience panel ready at any time of day allows your team to focus on creating and getting the user feedback you need.

Access targeted audiences faster than you source creative

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Create a survey in minutes

Create a survey quickly and easily with Helio’s intuitive platform and expert-made templates. Customize your survey or test with customized questions


Select an audience

Select one of our audience panels, recruit relevant participants from your own product or app, or share the test with external users via a link.

research panel watch participants respond

Watch participants respond

Real-time report updates give you a front-row seat to watch participants answer your survey and test questions.

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Filter responses based on demographics

In addition to your audience targeting, all reports allow you to filter responses based on gender, age, education, income, location, responses, and sentiment

Access targeted audiences faster than you source creative

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Get faster and more reliable survey results with gamification

Our app-based panel approach makes conducting surveys on smartphones a breeze, resulting in higher engagement, genuine responses, and top-notch data quality. Our panel is diverse and representative of different demographics.

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Panel participants are motivated and engaged

We harness the natural desire for motivation and use innovative engagement methods to bring you real-time, honest feedback from a vast global audience. Get the insights you need, when you need them.

Segmentation lists allow us to pin point sentiments by targeted groups.

Reap the benefits of a dedicated platform for sharing opinions

We create a world of curiosity and engage participants in brief multiple-choice questions. Participants compare their thoughts with fellow users and see where they stand.

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Improve your market research with Helio’s unique approach

Unlike traditional methods, we keep screening questions separate from surveys to ensure accurate data. Say goodbye to biased answers and get the insights you need, from the right people. 

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Experience the power of Helio with your own users

Each test in Helio test comes with its own unique link. Simply share the URL with your users and start testing across different browsers. Collect unlimited results without the need for any third-party tools. Check out our Research CRM

Helio’s platform is innovative, eliminating bias by offering diverse options and exclusionary testing. Helio’s large respondent base reveals unique patterns and insights, showcasing the value of its survey panel.

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Intrinsic Motivation

Participants engage with fresh, valuable content, gamified features, and mobile-friendly design to drive higher response quality. Participants are tipped.

Innovative Screening

Participants are assigned to audiences that enable specific segmentation, including behaviors, psychographics, preferences, and professional qualifications.

Participant Optimized

Our participant app is designed with user experience at its core. It’s easier than ever for respondents to answer questions like how they interact with social media.

Diverse Recruitment

We prioritize the diversity of our panel and use a range of sources to recruit users. We promote intrinsic motivation to reduce participants motivated solely by incentives.

Data quality

Discover the true motivation of participants through their answers! Open-ended questions are met with detailed and pertinent responses.

Response Cleaning

Boost engagement and accuracy with advanced click-through and answer filtering. Leave speeders in the dust, and guarantee user attention and high-quality data.

Answer Flagging

Misaligned participant responses are screened and automatically removed from surveys. Participants can manually be flagged and removed from your survey.


What is a Survey panel?
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A survey panel is a group of individuals who contribute their perspectives and expertise to help an organization gather relevant data and gain a deeper understanding.

What role does a research panel play in an organization?
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A survey panel is a dedicated think tank and advisory board. Its primary function is to provide valuable feedback, insights, and recommendations based on their expertise.

What are the benefits of having a survey panel?
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The benefits of having a survey panel include harnessing data-driven decisions, fostering innovation, enhancing credibility, and providing access to market intelligence.

How do you set clear objectives for a survey panel?
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When defining the objectives of your survey panel, be specific and measurable. Identify the areas where you need input and the desired outcomes you wish to achieve. Additionally, set measurable objectives to track progress and success.

How can you ensure that research goals align with organizational objectives?
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Align your research goals with your organization’s larger objectives. This ensures that the data and insights obtained through your survey panel contribute directly to achieving your strategic priorities.

What considerations should be taken when choosing your survey panel?
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When choosing your survey panel, consider their behaviors, experience, and diversity. Look for individuals who deeply understand your industry or target audience, and seek out experts with a track record of success in areas that align with your research objectives.

How can you define roles within the survey panel that you create?
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When you build your own panel, clearly define segments of the panel members. Assign each segment specific attributes to ensure efficient and effective collaboration. Regularly communicate expectations and provide a framework for decision-making to keep everyone aligned and motivated.

What are the key considerations for implementing effective research strategies?
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When implementing effective research strategies, choose the right research methods based on the nature of your research objectives. Ensure quality data collection by training your research panel members on proper data collection techniques and validating the collected data.

What strategies can be used for effective panel management?
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Strategies for effective panel management include facilitating effective communication through Helio, encouraging active participation, and creating a sense of ownership and appreciation.