Prototype Testing

Test designs before you build

Ensure the success of your new products and features with effective Figma prototype testing. Don’t leave launch day to chance.

Test and validate your new concept

Ensure your feature will resonate with your target audience. Capture valuable user feedback early on to determine if it’s worth adding to your product roadmap.


Unlock the ultimate design choice

Present users with various design concepts in a single test. Let them interact with each option and discover which one is worth bringing to life.

Maximize success with usability testing

Gain valuable insights from your prototypes by asking users to record their screens and provide video responses. Discover what’s effective and what needs improvement to enhance user experience.

Build confidently using Helio Prototype Tests

Accelerate product development

Leverage unmoderated user testing to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, keeping pace with development speed.

Minimize the chances of redoing work

Run tests on prototypes created in Helio to ensure your team gets it right the first time.

Create products that focus on users

Maximize response rates and gain deeper insight into user needs with a flawless browser-based testing experience.

Rapidly test your designs and prototypes as fast as you build


Create a prototype test in minutes

Create a prototype test quickly and easily with Helio’s intuitive platform and expert-made templates. Customize your test with customized questions


Select an audience

Select one of our audiences, recruit relevant participants from your own product or app, or share the test with external users via a link.


Drop in your prototype link

Integrate your Figma prototype link using Helio’s 1-click integrations.

Prototype testing tools for use in your product management frameworks.

Optimize your prototype based on observations

Make informed decisions for product development by combining quantitative data and qualitative feedback.

Find the perfect view for your research findings

Find the perfect view for your research findings.

Customize and refine your research results with our powerful filters. Gain valuable insights tailored to your needs, with the ability to adjust and focus on the most relevant information easily. Discover a seamless and efficient research experience.

Ensure the quality of your designs without writing any code

Improve your designs with Helio: get user feedback and validate your ideas without writing any code. Build better websites and products faster. 

Unlock valuable insights effortlessly

Reclaim lost time by easily interpreting prototype testing results. Uncover the important metrics in visually appealing, data-rich reports designed for stakeholders.

Get the support you need from stakeholders

Ensure that you have the backing of internal and external stakeholders. Use valuable insights from prototype testing projects to facilitate teamwork and make informed decisions.

We’ve integrated Helio into our workflow, which has allowed us to funnel vital customer insights directly to our product and marketing teams. This approach helps us get to better solutions faster and eliminates a lot of waste. Additionally, I am advocating for a more direct approach of presenting our prototypes to customers, enhancing our design process with real-time feedback

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Jake Johnson, Versapay


Understand how users interact with your prototypes by analyzing clickmaps. Gain insights into expected and unexpected user behavior.

Usability Score

Assess the usability of your product with a distinctive score. Use this score to guide future improvements and enhancements.

Prototype Metrics

Identify areas for improvement in your design using metrics like misclicks and time-on-screen. Let these metrics guide you toward success.

Instant Browser-Based Testing

Capture user insights effortlessly without downloaded plugins or extensions.

Ready-Made Audiences

Add participants directly within the test creation or share your test with external users via a simple link.

Seamless Figma Integrations

Effortlessly embed and test prototypes created in Figma.

Expert-Made Templates

Leverage a wide range of test templates created by Helio’s in-house experts.

CSV Reports

Download CSV files containing the latest data from your testing sessions. Store this valuable information for further analysis and decision-making.


What is prototype testing?
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Prototype testing is the process of testing an early version of a product or feature with real users.

Why is prototype testing important?
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Prototype testing helps you validate your designs, identify usability issues, and gather feedback from users.

What are the different types of prototypes?
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There are three main types of prototypes: low-fidelity, medium-fidelity, and high-fidelity.

What are the benefits of testing a prototype?
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The benefits of testing a prototype include finding design issues, testing your hypotheses, getting invaluable customer feedback early, saving money, and getting stakeholder buy-in.