Escape the frustration of failed discoveries

Clarify your product roadmap with ease. Access a target audience to evaluate what you’ve built and get results in minutes.

Choose from 12 different survey question types to get actionable user feedback.

Journey Mapping

Chart different customer journeys and ways ideal customers interact with your brand and product.

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Use tree tests to evaluate the hierarchy and findability of topics in your website or application.


Uncover how competitors could wedge into your market, and how you can wedge into theirs.

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With our Figma integrations, you can test Figma prototypes directly from your account.

Gap Analysis

Use a gap analysis to find new opportunities to increase value and keep customers for longer.

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Use card sorting to evaluate the information architecture of your website or product.

Competitor Review

Use foundational research to uncover the trigger moments that lead users to take action.

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Various blueprints mapping out cartooney spaceship builds with a cartoony design

Foundational Research

Talk to users of your competitors and learn what they liked—and didn’t like—about their experience.

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helping the world’s biggest brands

“We’ve integrated Helio into our workflow, which has allowed us to funnel vital customer insights directly to our product and marketing teams.”
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“Currently, we're using Helio with our Figma prototypes to gather essential user feedback.”
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Suncoast Credit Union

“Now we have Helio research to suggest a specific course of action, convincing us why the button should be blue.”
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Collaborate on product discovery with your team

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1 million participants at the click of a button

With 1 million participants and over 300 million attributes, you can target nearly any audience imaginable and get results in minutes. Or, collect feedback from your users in-app or on your website.
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Easy access to design assets

Organize your tests by creative assets, or integrate with your Figma account and access all of your designs. This way, your team can test new ideas faster, speeding up product discovery.
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Get feedback from teammates

Encourage more people to participate in product discovery. Invite teammates from across the organization to collaborate on your tests.
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Find stories in the data

Helio’s advanced reporting allows you to follow data signals that validate your ideas. Uncover new user journeys by segmenting responses by any variable you choose.

Build something your users truly want