Feedback Surveys

Product discovery, with surveys

Use surveys to gauge customer satisfaction, validate new ideas, and gain valuable insights to propel your product toward success.

Continuously optimize user journeys

Gain valuable insights by analyzing your product’s or website’s core flows. Discover untapped opportunities for optimization and deliver a seamless user experience.

Drive your product discovery forward

Get valuable user feedback to fuel your product development. Stop relying on guesses and get direct input from your users to ensure your product meets their needs.

Discover what’s causing users to leave

Discover the UX reasons behind customer churn and proactively prevent it by developing user-focused product solutions.

Quickly capture insights with Helio Surveys

Collect the data you need from the right audience

Send surveys to your ideal users based on their profile and behavior in your product. Segment your audience further according to their behavior within the survey report.

Real-time user insights

Gain valuable insights from users while they complete surveys or use your product. Discover new opportunities and valuable market insights based on your users’ needs, motivations, and responses to your product or service

Share valuable feedback from users

Collect valuable insights from participants, and share those findings with your team through observations that are deep-linked to your reports.

Unlock user insights with powerful survey questions


Create a user survey in minutes

Create a user survey quickly and easily with Helio’s intuitive platform and expert-made templates. Customize your survey with different questions.


Select an audience

Select from more than a thousand ready-made audiences, recruit relevant participants from your own product or app, or share the test with external users via a link.


Choose from over twelve survey question types

Create a multi-question survey by selecting from questions including, freeform, multiple choice, rank, preference, likert, numerical scale, or maxidiff.


Filter and share data reports

Real-time report updates give you a front-row seat to watch participants answer your survey and test questions.

Experience the power of continuous product discovery with Helio

Create amazing product experiences that will delight your users.

Develop products that your team can be proud of. Use logic branching to keep your users engaged and collect only the relevant information, without any unnecessary fluff.


Maximize your learning potential while maintaining high quality.

Why settle for just one when you can have both? Our customizable survey features freeform and structured question types to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Create products and campaigns extraordinary together

Review your work with your team within the app before presenting it to users. Obtain approval or receive feedback from stakeholders instantly using Comments and @mentions to capture input on content, design, and other aspects.

Gain valuable insights from anywhere in the world.

Conduct surveys that delve deeper into people’s opinions and experiences, whether they are right in front of you or miles away. Choose from a diverse range of testers or easily share a URL with your own users. Gather the feedback you need to make informed decisions and improve your offerings.

I make it a point to share the data we gather because it plays a key role in guiding our decisions and justifying our recommendations. It’s more than just choosing our favorite ad; it’s about making informed choices. For instance, we recently conducted tests for a major ad campaign, illustrating how data moves us beyond mere personal preferences.

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Ready-Made Audiences

Add participants directly within the test creation or share your test with external users via a simple link.

Expert-Made Templates

Leverage a wide range of user survey templates created by Helio’s in-house experts.

Multiple Choice Questions

Choose from various options to cater to your user’s preferences and make their selection effortless.

Freeform Questions

Engage participants and gather valuable qualitative responses through open-ended questions.

MaxDiff Questions

Ask participants to pick the most and least important factors from the presented options.

Likert Scale

Easily gauge participants’ opinions by asking them to rate statements on a scale.

Rank Questions

Rank and compare multiple options based on your preferences. Easily arrange them from most to least preferred, or vice versa.

CSV Reports

Download CSV files containing the latest data from your survey sessions. Store this valuable information for further analysis and decision-making.


What is user feedback, and why is it important?
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User feedback is vital for product development and business decisions as it provides a direct line of communication with users, allowing companies to understand their needs and preferences. It helps identify areas for improvement, discover new features, and ensure that products align with user expectations.

What is the role of user feedback in product development?
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User feedback provides valuable insights to guide the product development process. It helps identify the features and functionalities that users find valuable, pinpoint areas that need improvement, and uncover new features and functionalities that users may desire.

How does user feedback influence business decisions?
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User feedback helps tailor marketing strategies, refine messaging, and explore new market opportunities. It can also identify untapped market opportunities and guide business expansion.

What are the key elements to consider when designing user surveys?
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When designing user surveys, it’s important to define its purpose and objectives, keep it concise and user-friendly, and craft the right questions. It’s also crucial to consider the timing of your survey and the platform you use to administer it.

What should I consider when implementing user surveys?
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When implementing user surveys, consider the platform you use, the timing and frequency of the surveys, and the accessibility of the platform to ensure users can complete the survey without any technical difficulties.

How can I analyze survey results to get the most out of my user surveys?
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To get the most out of your user surveys, review the responses carefully, looking for patterns, trends, and recurring themes. Turn the feedback into actionable insights and develop a plan to implement the necessary changes. Consider addressing any low response rates and biased responses to ensure reliable results.