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Build something your buyers *truly* want. Join 5,000+ other product, marketing, and design leaders as we close the gap between companies and customers. Advocate for your buyers and get executive buy-in for key decisions—all driven by continuous discovery.

Why “Closing the Gap”?

Product, marketing, and design teams are responsible for the majority of the customer experience. They have access to a massive growth lever, but are often blindfolded or blocked from new ideas that could have a meaningful business impact. Some of these common challenges are illustrated below.

We’ll dive into these topics

1. Designs that do not meet user needs or market demands.

2. Difficulty in obtaining executive buy-in and resources for design initiatives.

3. Development of low-impact features that do not drive business value.

4. Wasted resources on designs that do not resonate with users.

5. Design silos and lack of cross-functional collaboration.

6. Slow response to market changes and user feedback.

7. Skewed design decisions based on over-reliance of quant or qual data.

8. Loss of customer engagement and brand loyalty.

9. Resistance to change and lack of continuous improvement culture.

10. Miscommunication and misunderstanding of design intent and feedback.

11. Inability to make informed design decisions due to lack of actionable data.

12. Design skills not keeping pace with industry developments.

What to Expect from “Closing the Gap”:

🔍 Real-World Case Studies & Examples: Explore real-world success (and failure) stories from industry leaders. In this research newsletter, learn how innovative methods helped these brands source user feedback, observe behavior, and apply user insights.

🔧 Frameworks for Success: Unlock the power of proven frameworks designed to streamline your processes. Discover methodologies that empower you to close the gap efficiently, ensuring your product aligns seamlessly with customer expectations.

🌐 Expert Perspectives: Gain exclusive insights from thought leaders at the forefront of marketing, product development, and design. Stay ahead of industry trends and glean actionable advice to propel your strategy forward.

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