Testing sucked

Helio was born from the need to learn from users in a quick and fast way. It was painful to invite people to review design work and have half the people not show up.

When doing videos to record sessions, it was time-consuming, and in the end stakeholders wouldn’t watch the videos…they just wanted the results. Five videos revealed some issues, but it was still interpretive and didn’t build huge amounts of trust with product team members.

Testing quickly, frankly, just slowed the design process down. Once a session was done, if we wanted to get follow-up feedback, it was slow, and not really possible in the process.


Quick questions

We created a tool that would help you generate new ideas from an audience, but also get evaluative feedback that was data-driven. As product designers, we wanted something that could fit in our process, not something that we had to workaround. It works at every phase of the creative process. We built a tool that didn’t need a huge setup and could be working in minutes. Participants from your audience are ready, and getting feedback is as simple as a button click.



Quick fast answers come with a benefit. On average you are spending 50 cents an answer. Helio was built so that you could get answers in volume, in ways that were never available before. User testing and interviewing people can expense if done in person. Helio allows you to create in greater volume by facilitating the collection of answers in an unmoderated setting. With so much power for so little, you can empower your entire team to start asking answers.


Targeted audiences

Need an audience fast? We have ready made audiences in professions or industry categories that will align with your business. We have 700,000 participants from the US and around the globe ready to answer your questions. And if you have specific needs, we can build a custom audience for you as you get more refined in your testing techniques. We made it easy to use the same platform with your audience. No learning necessary


Report filters

The power of Helio really shines in the reports where you get filters to slice and dice your participant answers and data. See something interesting? Dive into the data filtering with demographics, sentiment or response time. Even when you’ve completed your test or survey, Helio gives you the opportunity to reach back out to a participant to ask more questions.

Test and Learn
with an Audience