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What is an answer?

Collect Answers

An answer is a response from a participant to 1 question in a survey. The easiest way to understand your answer spend on a survey is to multiple the amount of respondents by the amount of questions (i.e. a 5 question test sent to 10 people uses 50 answers).

Once you launch a survey with a Helio audience, you’ll start getting feedback within minutes from our network of participants. The draft page you used to send the survey will reload and become the data report once the first answers come in. Responses typically start appearing within the first few minutes after sending a survey. Kick back, grab some popcorn, and watch the answers flow in!

With an Open Audience, you’ll be provided a link that you can copy and send to your participants. Once they start responding to your questions, the data report will appear:

The draft test page reloads into a data report once your first responses come in.

Our help center article on using the Data Report tells you all you need to know about analyzing, filtering, and sharing the data you collect.