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Learn how to add comments to your surveys and tag teammates in specific tasks.
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Add Comments

Once you have saved a draft survey, you can add comments to each question in that survey from the draft page view or the test create page.

Draft survey page in Helio.

To add a comment to a draft survey, press the comment icon in the top right corner of any question on the survey.

Adding a comment to a question
I added a new question but I can’t see the comment button?

Note: If a survey has not yet been saved, the comment feature will not appear. If a new question is added to the survey, the survey will need to be saved again before a comment can be added to that question.

Clicking the comment icon will open an entry box for you to type your comment and save it to the test.

Comment entry box

You can leave as many comments as you like on a survey. Each comment will be added to the comment thread for the question it was added to. Each question on the survey will hold it’s own comment thread.

Can I tag one of my team members in a comment?

Tag Teammates

You can mention your teammates in your comments by using the ‘@’ hotkey. You can select from the list of teammates that immediately appears, or continue typing to narrow down your search.

Tag teammates on your account in your comments
Do I get a comment alert?

When a teammate is tagged in a comment, they will be sent an email notification to the email address listed on the account.

Tagged teammates will receive a notification email

Teammate’s tagged in a comment will also see a red notification dot appear on the notification bell in the top right corner of the account.

Tagged teammates will see a red dot on their notification icon
How do I get rid of a comment on my test?

Resolve Comments

When you have addressed the comments on your test, press the check mark to ‘resolve’ your comments. 

If I resolve a comment, does it get deleted?

When a comment is resolved, the checkmark will change colors, and the text will automatically collapse and be hidden from the comment thread view.

Resolved comments will hide from view

You can still see resolved comments by hovering over the comment in the thread.

Hover to reveal resolved comments

Use the Resolve All button to quickly resolve all of the comments in a thread that you are finished with.

How do I see my old comments?

Once a test has collected responses, comments can be found by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the data report and selecting Edit test.

What happens to my comments when I send my test?
Settings menu on Helio data report

This will bring you to the edit test view, where you can change the test information and view the comments that were left on each question.

Comments that activated a notification on your account can also be found on the Notifications page.