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Track your answer usage and team activity since the start of your Helio subscription.
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The Activity page on your account shows the current state of your subscription and what actions have been taken throughout the history of your account.

The renewal or expiration date for your account will be listed under the account name in the top left, immediately followed by the accounts current answer limit, member seats, and audience count.

You can also use this page to Invite Users to your account, or go to the billing page for a subscription upgrade.

Answer Usage

How do I track how many answers I have used in the month?

Your account’s current answer limit and usage amount will be displayed on the top left of the Activity page.

Your total answer amount shows how many answers you have left to use until the renewal date reflected above. The purple bar shows the current level of usage out of your total answers.

Activity Table

With a Business or Enterprise account, your account activity will be recorded in a table on the Activity page.

Account history on the Activity page.

You can click on a test or project in the list to be taken to that object in your account.

Audience Count

Your account’s current audience limit and usage amount will be displayed in the top-right of the Activity page.

Audience progress bar on Activity page.

Your total audience amount shows how many audiences you can have active at any one time while your subscription is active. You can swap out audiences as needed on the Audiences page of your account.

User Seats

Your account’s current number of user seats and usage amount will be displayed in the middle of the Activity page.

User seats progress bar on Activity page.

Your total user seats number shows how many creator accounts you can have active each month, and the purple bar shows how many of those accounts are currently in use. The question icon will show what type of accounts these are on hover.

Hover tooltip showing breakdown of user access levels.