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Ready-Made Audiences

Questions answered in this article:

To give you an idea of what participants you can use from our community, we’ve set up over 1,000 Advanced Audiences ready for testing right away! Visit the Audiences page on your Helio account to see what professional and consumer participants you can test with by using the search bar under the Recommended Audiences section.

There are two types of Advanced Audiences that have been pre-set for you:

  • Professional Industry Audiences – participants who work in a specific field, such as Information Technology & Services or Transportation & Hauling.
  • Consumer Audiences – participants who are targeted based on their preferences and habits, such as Spotify Listeners or English Language Learners.

Clicking into an audience on the Our Participants tab will show you the demographic breakdown of the participants as well as some interesting data we’ve already collected about them, such as their skills and hobbies.

If you already have a Helio subscription plan, you can quickly add the audience to your active list or swap out for any existing audiences you were using. From there you can quickly create a test for those participants.

When you enter the test creation page, you’ll also have the ability to search through our audiences from the audience selection card.

Check out our Billing article to see how you can gain access to our Ready-Made Audiences!