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Audiences Overview

Helio audiences give you the power to connect with the consumers or professionals that interact with your company everyday.

Go to the Audience page in the top nav of your Helio account to see the participants you can test with.

There are two types of participants you can get feedback from through Helio: Our Participants and Your Participants.

Our Participants/Your Participants

Our Participants

Helio’s participant community is made up of over 750,000 individuals who are eager to provide your company with feedback.

Helio participants aren’t professional testers, just individuals willing to give you a moment of their time. They’re rewarded with micro-payments for each test they take as a small “thank you” for their efforts, though their primary motivation is to provide feedback to companies that they may interact with on a daily basis.

In a free account, you can create a survey and choose a Targeted Audience, or request Enterprise access if you’d like a customized audience focused on attributes like behaviors and responsibilities.

With a Business or Enterprise subscription, you can use our basic Helio Participants, Targeted Helio Participants, and Advanced Audiences targeted through custom attributes.

Check out our Help Center article on Our Participants to see the full breakdown of how you can tap into Helio’s participant community.

Your Participants

When you need to get feedback from your own group of participants, or need to start building a list of users to test with, there are several ways Helio can support that feedback loop.

With a free account, you have access to an Open Audience single-use survey, which allows you to collect your first 50 responses for free! Check out our full Help Center article on Your Participants to learn more about Open Audiences.

With a Business Plan, your Open Audience is available as a Shareable Link under the Your Participants tab of the Audiences page. Business plans provide the first 500 responses for free!

With an Enterprise subscription, you have access to the Shareable Link mentioned above and several other options for building and surveying a list of your customers:

To see the full breakdown of everything you can do with your customers in Helio, check out our Help Center article on Your Participants.