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Consumer Audience

Young Adult Online Shoppers (US & CA)

Audience Description

Participants in the US and Canada that are between 25-44 and shop online.  These testers use either their computer, phone, or tablet to purchase items online.

Testers within the group purchase items online often. Online shopping increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Interesting Participant Qualities

63% of young adult online shoppers purchase items from Amazon.

Young Adult Online Shoppers’ Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Young Adult Online Shoppers to understand why they prefer online shopping.  

“I would rather purchase items online so that I didn’t have to stand in long lines, possibly get sick and I wouldn’t have to take my kids with me!”

“I’d do it because of convenience, cost (cheaper online than in store), or lack of local availability.”

“I would rather purchase an item online Instead of in person because I can sometimes get a better deal on what I am buying and you can see your item in the different colors, shapes, and sizes it comes in. Also I am not a big fan of going out to many places.”

“The convenience that comes with it.”

See what else we learned from our Young Adult Online Shoppers audience living in the US or CAN in our Helio data report.