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Consumer Audience

Women Online Shoppers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who are women and shop online.  These testers purchase clothing, household items, and other everyday items online. 

Testers within the group purchase items online often and through different channels.  In 2022 the most popular stores these testers shopped at included Amazon, Nordstrom, and Walmart. Online shopping increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Interesting Participant Qualities

72% of women who shopped online purchased items from Amazon.

Women Online Shopper Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Women Online Shoppers to understand why they prefer shopping online instead of in person.

“Because it’s more convenient, especially with children. Also, shipping is often free but gas for my car is not. I also like to order things online, especially clothing, because I can see each item as they would be used/worn. For example, how to use a decorative item in my house or how to style a new dress.”

“The ease of ordering online. It comes straight to my door (or mailbox). No hassle of a parking lot, or waiting in line.”

“It is faster and sometimes easier to compare prices. Also a lack of time to shop around.”

“Less hassle of getting prepared to go, getting to the store, dealing with people, may not even find the item.”

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