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Consumer Audience

Banking Consumers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the United States who have a membership with a banking company. These testers may have an auto loan with a local bank or own a credit card supplied by a Fortune 500 banking corporation.

Common banking associations for these user testers include accounts with Bank of America, US Bank, Chase, CapitalOne, and more. These participants often have a variety of interactions with online and in-person banking experiences on a daily basis.

Interesting Participant Qualities

58% of banking consumers belong to more than one bank.

Banking Consumer Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Banking Consumers to understand what their current online banking experiences are like and identify pain points that can be resolved.

“I wish they had better interest rates and more options to set aside money for different purposes.”

“It’s clear and easy to use. It saves me time and helps me keep my finances in order.”

“It is currently slow, insecure and does not work all of the time.”

“It could be better. They change it and it becomes difficult to find things.”

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