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Consumer Audience

Online Content Readers  

Audience Description

Participants who read online content. These testers enjoy reading their news and entertainment content online. 

Testers within this group will often spend most of their time on their phones and computers.  These testers typically purchase subscriptions to online newspapers and websites.

Interesting Participant Qualities

76% of people within our online content readers’ audience read articles online daily. 

Online Content Reader Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Online Content Readers to understand why they prefer to read articles online.

“It requires less money as there are free articles on the web. Plus it requires no space.”

“You can find a lot of material online and for free, and if some information is questionable, you can easily verify the information. No need to go anywhere, everything is at your fingertips.”

“I prefer reading articles online to reading them on paper because you can search for the articles you want to read online, and it’s also a lot more enjoyable because you can read as many articles as you want online if there aren’t any available to read on paper at home.”

“I prefer reading online articles because the information is unlimited online. easy to access whatever info you like to search online.”

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