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Consumer Audience

Passive News Consumers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who seek out news stories for consumers less than once per day. These testers consume their news via tv, phone, or paper (articles).

Testers within the group typically have a good understanding of current politics and worldly topics. These testers are used to consuming other people’s opinions, as well as having others ask them about their own opinions.

Interesting Participant Qualities

79% of passive news consumers find their news online.

Passive News Consumer Quotes

We surveyed our audience of passive news consumers to understand why they enjoy listening, reading and/or watching the news. 

“I don’t like watching or listening to the news. I like to do my own research as the news is biased to political views.”

“To know updates and warnings for potential upcoming events (mostly weather).”

“To stay informed on what’s going on in the world.”

“Because it’s educational to me.”

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