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Consumer Audience

Bank Credit Report Users

Audience Description

Participants who have received a credit report or checked their credit score through their bank. They are members of a banking institution that provides a feature for checking their credit history, such as FICO.

Common banking associations for these user testers include accounts with Bank of America, US Bank, Chase, CapitalOne, and more. These participants often have a variety of interactions with online and in-person banking experiences daily.

Interesting Participant Qualities

30% of people who find their credit score through a bank check their score once a month.

Bank Credit Reports User Quotes

We surveyed our Bank Credit Report Users audience to understand how familiar they are with their credit health and what services they might be interesting to them. 

“As for me, now I have more things to do with my money. I wish to make more right decisions in my future.”

“It’s a good idea to improve my credit score with the help of a service provider, which is beneficial to me in the long run.”

“I want to maintain a good credit score that would enable me to be credit worthy at all times.”

“Building credit can make some things like getting financing ( bank loans ) easier.”

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