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Consumer Audience

Beauty Product Consumers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who are interested in beauty products and routines over the age of 18. These testers are either self-taught or have gone to cosmetology school.

Testers within the group are typically creative and have a set regimen to get ready.  These testers are great to ask more about upcoming trends.

Interesting Participant Qualities

Most beauty product consumers learn about different products online. 

Beauty Product Consumer Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Beauty Product Consumers about how beauty products make them feel. 

“I enjoy the way it makes people who maybe were not as confident before. People have a surge of confidence and live without insecurities.”

“Beauty products help me to feel more confident about myself. When you look good, you feel good, and beauty products help me accomplish that.”

“Beauty products make me feel good, it helps me in my skin care. When I use it I feel so good, attractive and delightful. Beauty products used to make me feel overwhelmed.”

“They boost my confidence, they give me the chance to be creative and artistic. They can be a shield for the day for power, or a mask to hide behind, or an opportunity to be vulnerable. They remind me of good times as a child, watching my Momma get ready in the mornings so makeup can also be sentimental, and a connection to the past. Most of all they make me feel prettier.”

See what else we learned from our Beauty Product Consumers audience in our Helio data report.