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Sports Players

Audience Description

Participants who have played a sport for 5 years or longer. These testers consider themselves athletic and have played professionally, collegially, and/or recreationally. 

Testers within this group have played one or more of the following sports; soccer, badminton, volleyball, WWE, Motor Sports, boxing, golf, tennis, ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and/or American football.  These testers typically are highly competitive and extremely concentrated.

Interesting Participant Qualities

45% of participants who have played a sport for 5 years or longer, play a sport a few times a week.

Sports Players’ Quotes

We surveyed our audience of sports players to understand why they like to play a sport.

“It gives me perspective and teaches new things. I feel more active!”

“To keep fit, healthy and strong. To meet new people. Better my skill.”

“It’s my passion first, it relieves me from stress or from any tension, improves our physical body and mental condition. Plus it’s a good way to create your network and to get to know other people.”

“It helps in raising the fitness levels and keeping us healthy and energetic. Playing sports could be for recreation or even competition.”

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