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Consumer Audience

Security Consumers  

Audience Description

Participants who are concerned with their cybersecurity. These testers typically have taken extra steps to ensure their information is secure online, like using two-factor authentication and antivirus software. 

Security testers have a good grasp of how safe their information is online and spend extra time reading articles to stay up to date. Testers are often skeptical of providing personal information without an established trust – good thing they know who we are!

Interesting Participant Qualities

68% of people who are concerned about their cybersecurity have antivirus software installed.

Security Consumer Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Security Consumers to understand how they are protecting their data online.

“I downloaded vpns and bought a router that has a security wall on it.”

“I have enabled 2 step authentication and am careful of various websites I enter.”

“I check addresses, provide strong passwords and try not to overshare on social media.”

“I use strong passwords to avoid hacking. I do some back up for my data. I install anti-virus protection in my laptop. If I received some suspicious emails, I didn’t open it and delete it immediately. I make sure that the wifi I am using or I am connected with is secured.”

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