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Consumer Audience

Male Formalwear Online Shoppers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who shop for suits and formalwear online. These testers typically have an idea of their suit size.

In 2022 the most popular stores these testers shopped at included Amazon, Nordstrom, and Walmart.  Online shopping increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Interesting Participant Qualities

66% of males who purchase formalwear online are the most comfortable with purchasing dress socks.

Male Formalwear Online Shopper Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Male Formalwear Online Shoppers (US)  to understand when they would purchase formalwear online. 

“If I am busy and cannot get to a store.”

“Good price. Good return policy. Good product.”

“I would purchase formalwear online only because there is potentially better selection and different size options.”

“I would purchase formalwear online if I’ve already tried to shop in-stores but had no luck.”

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