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Health Conscious Food Preppers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who are health conscious and prepare their meals. These testers enjoy eating healthy by cooking themselves.

Testers within this group do not eat at fast-food restaurants.  These testers will prep their food ahead of time to make mealtime easier. 

Interesting Participant Qualities

47% of people within our Health-Conscious Food Prepper audience go to the grocery store once a week.

Health Conscious Food Prepper Quotes

We surveyed our audience of health-conscious food preppers to understand why they like to meal prep healthy options. 

“Healthy eating makes you feel better. Your body reacts by working more efficiently. Putting healthy food into your body also assists with fighting heart disease, diabetes as well as cancer.”

“I have a busy life…meal prep helps by allowing me to plan home cooked meals for the week. If there is not a home cooked meal, we tend to do something impulsive, like go out to eat. That means eating and having a drink. So aside from meal prep as a time management thing, it can also be a way to stick to a budget by assisting in saving money.”

“Because it makes me feel better and good knowing I’m eating healthy. And it also tastes amazing most of the time.”

“To save time. I also take hard boiled eggs with me to work. Those need to be prepared in advance”

See what else we learned from our Health-Conscious Food Preppers in our Helio data report.