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Constant Travelers

Audience Description

Participants who regularly travel outside of their area for vacations or work purposes. These testers can travel both internationally and domestically, by train, plane or automobile.

Testers within the group have flown on many different airlines and commonly have an up-to-date passport. These testers are used to having free time on their hands while traveling, so why not give them a couple of questions to answer to help fill up their time?

Interesting Participant Qualities

42% of people who travel for vacation or work travel by plane.

Constant Travelers’ Quotes

We surveyed our audience of constant travelers to see why they enjoyed traveling. 

“I love adventuring, seeing new things, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.”

“Because I love to explore different places, try different cuisines. Travelling relaxes my mind, reduces stress.”

“I love travelling because it takes me to unknown places ive never been. The exploration of different scenery and cultures. Foods and Drink..people and religions. I love traveling because it opens up my mind to knew things exciting things and it definitely educates me on a diffrent perspective of life.”

“travel make me happy, I am enjoying the time during the travel, It was relaxing and comfortable.”

See what else we learned from our Constant Travelers audience in our Helio data report.