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Consumer Audience

Home Owners (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who are homeowners. Testers within the group have been through the home buying process.

Testers within this group have often had experience taking out a loan from the bank.  These testers typically purchase home insurance.

Interesting Participant Qualities

65% of people who have purchased a home are currently paying off a mortgage. 

Homeowner Quotes

We surveyed our audience of homeowners to understand the value they see in owning a home.

“Building equity. Renting is a throw away of your money. Being able to make decisions about what you do to your home and choose your features to make it feel like home are great. But most important is long-term wealth”

“It gives my family privacy to live without being bothered by close tenants which are in the case of apartments. Also owning a house makes me feel proud of supporting my family and it’s a sense of financial security in terms of a long term real estate investment.”

“Being able to renovate with no boundaries.”


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