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Consumer Audience

Constant (International) Travelers

Audience Description

Participants who travel overseas regularly. These testers travel for both personal and professional reasons.

Testers within the group have flown on many different airlines and have up-to-date passports. These testers have been in many different airports around the world!

Interesting Participant Qualities

75% of people who travel outside of the country travel for personal reasons. 

International Travelers’ Quotes

We surveyed our audience of International Travelers to understand how and why they travel outside of the country.

“I love traveling abroad because I want to see something different with where I’m from and be able to enjoy nature and technology and where to shop abroad.”

“To get to know different cultures, try new foods, visit monuments.”

“to explore something new with places, cultures and to enjoy discovering different countries around the world.”

“To see new places and learn new things”

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