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Gaming Consumers

Audience Description

Participants who often play video games on their computers. These testers can either play alone or with others but will predominantly play on their computer.

Testers typically have one or more of the following consoles; Acer Predator Orion 3000, Maingear Turbo, iBuyPower Y60, Origin PC Millennium, Corsair One i300, Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10, MSI MEG Trident X, and HP Omen 30L.  These testers typically continuously purchase games, subscriptions, and other options after purchasing the console.

Interesting Participant Qualities

36% of gaming consumers play video games on a PC a few times a week.

Gaming Consumer Quotes

We surveyed our audience of video game console players to understand why they enjoy playing video games on a console. 

“My number one reason is to pass the time or during time when I’m free and feeling bored. I sometimes play video games when I’m feeling tired with work load or having other issues such as family issues.”

“They can be cross-platform, meaning I can play games I used to play on older platforms all on the PC. As well as there is just much more of a wide variety of options for games in general.”

“The screen of the PC is big compared to my phone’s screen. It’s also convenient for me because I use my PC a lot for work so I play games when I need to take a break or loosen up a bit. My PC is portable so I can play my games whenever, wherever.”

“Playing video games on a pc is more comfortable because the graphics are better than on a phone.”

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