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Car Owners

Audience Description

Participants around the world who own a car. These testers have their name on a pink slip and by law, are required to have car insurance on each vehicle. 

Testers within this group drive a car made by Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Dodge, Mazda, Honda, General Motors, BYD, BMW, and/or Subaru. These testers have a valid driver’s license.

Interesting Participant Qualities

36% of people who own a car were 21 or older when they received their driver’s license.

Car Owner Quotes

We surveyed our Car Owners’ audience to understand their favorite things about owning a car.

“Owning a car gives you peace of mind. Easy transportation compared to public transportation, you don’t have to race against time, you can move from point A to B on schedule, no spending time on ques, no waking up two hours before time, to get to work. makes it easy for family outings like visiting families, camping, or even sightseeing.”

“I don’t have a favorite thing, I think the car is just an expense. It can be more comfortable than renting one whenever I need to or taking a taxi, subway or bus, but it’s a liability in which big and evolved cities won’t make any sense.”

“The comfort of being able to drive anywhere and not always rely on public transport.”

“Going anywhere anytime without relying on anybody for transport”

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