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Families with Cyber-security Concerns

Audience Description

Participants who have a family that earns less than $40k per year and needs cybersecurity software. These testers typically have taken extra steps to ensure their information is secure online for themselves and family. 

Security testers have a good grasp of how safe their information is online and spend extra time reading articles to stay up to date. Testers are often skeptical of providing personal information without an established trust – good thing they know who we are! 


Interesting Participant Qualities

39% of people who have families and are concerned about their cybersecurity needs always use two-factor authentication when signing up for an account.

Quotes from Families with Cyber-security Concerns

We surveyed our audience of Families with Cyber-security Concerns to understand how they learned about keeping their information safe online and their antivirus habits. 

I have a antivirus, popup blocker, refrain from clicking unsolicited links. Ensuring we dont click on random websites, avoid porn or dating sites that have a lot of spyware

Have strong passwords for all the important applications that has the important information such as banks, emails etc

I use antivirus, use hard-to-guess passwords while also changing them once in a while and also ignore links that seem suspicious

Passwords, firewalls, restricting usage of our WIFI

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