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Car Purchasers

Audience Description

Participants around the world who are part of the car buying and selling experience. These testers have their name on a pink slip and by law, are required to have car insurance on each vehicle they own. 

Testers within this group drive or have sold a car made by Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Dodge, Mazda, Honda, General Motors, BYD, BMW, and/or Subaru. These testers have a valid driver’s license.

Interesting Participant Qualities

32% of people who have sold a car in the past were 25-29 years old. 

Car Purchaser Quotes

We surveyed our audience of car purchasers to see how they sold their old vehicles.

“After getting a new car, I advertised the sale of my old car on social media and got a sale.”

“I sold my first car to my cousin with good condition and reasonable price without negotiations.”

“I just put the car out on the market. When I bought the new car, I took the old one to the dealer shop and I got some money for it.”


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