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Consumer Audience

Mobile Bank Account Consumers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who are mobile bank account users. These testers typically have their banking app downloaded on their mobile phone. 

Common banking associations for these user testers include accounts with Bank of America, US Bank, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and more. These participants often use the app to deposit checks, view account balances, and more. 


Interesting Participant Qualities

81% of mobile bank account consumers have joined or downloaded 2 or more banking platforms.

Quotes from Mobile Bank Account Consumers

We surveyed our audience of Mobile Bank Account Consumers to see what their favorite feature within their banking app is. 

“It shows me how much I have left on my car loan and when it’s due. It also shows when my next upcoming bills will be taken out.”

Mobile deposit.”

“Available balance and posted balance. And zelle”

“Not having to wait in line at the bank .”

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