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Consumer Audience

Active News Consumers (US)

Audience Description

Participants in the US who seek out and read news stories each day. These testers consume their news via tv, phone, or paper (articles) and will typically have news available on their phone.

Testers within the group typically have a good understanding of current politics and worldly topics. These testers are used to consuming other people’s opinions, as well as having others ask them about their own.

Interesting Participant Qualities

90% of people who consume news daily find their content online.

Active News Consumers’ Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Active News Consumers to understand why they follow the news closely. 

“Staying up to date with events happening in the world is extremely important. Conflict overseas can have a major impact on our economy, so one should be well aware of the how’s and why’s. Even local news serves several purposes such as emergency alerts, job opportunities, weather updates, etc. One must always prioritize being informed about things taking place in the world. It could very much mean a matter of life and death.”

“I like to know what’s going on in the world. Lately with the current political climate and worldwide pandemic things are changing. Sometimes daily. I also enjoy being that person who is informed and can have intelligent conversations about world events, politics and anything else going on.”

“To be up to date about everything happening in the world.”

“I prefer to read news because reading news makes me imagine. It helps me to create the picture in my brain and makes it sound real.”

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