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Video Game Console Players

Audience Description

Participants who have played console video games. These testers can either play alone or with others. 

Testers typically have one or more of the following consoles; Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Sega Genesis. These testers typically continuously purchase games, subscriptions, and other options after purchasing the console.

Interesting Participant Qualities

26% of people within our video game console players’ audience play sports games the most.

Video Game Console Player Quotes

We surveyed our audience of video game console players to understand why they enjoy playing video games on a console. 

“My favorite thing in playing video games are when you need to level up your character or hero , you need to complete the task or mystery item, you need to build different items to make you hero more powerful , you need to cooperate with other player to accomplish the game”

“My favorite thing about video games is the diversity. I love how many different types and kinds there are. We have a video game for almost everybody.”

“It gives me more control over the the game. I can move at my pace.”

“We can interact with a huge number of players who are also playing online.”

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