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SubString Match tracks the URL substring after the base URL on your platform and shows (or does not show) your intercept to visitors who match that URL. Set this rule to “includes” or “does not include” and enter the URL substring you’d like to match.

URL Query allows you decide when your intercept is (or is not) shown based on a search made by your visitors. Enter the terms that make most sense for you to target, and your intercept will show up when those terms are searched.

Previous Page URL will only allow your intercept CTA to be shown to visitors who do (or do not) come from a specific place on the web. Set this rule to “includes” or “does not include”, and then enter the URL of choice.

Specific Date provides you a calendar where you can set a date to show (or not show) your intercept on. Set this rule to “is” or “is not”, and use the calendar selector to choose the current day or any day in the future.

Time of Day allows you to show (or not show) your intercepts to visitors depending on when they come to your platform. Set this rule to “is before” or “is after”, and use the time selector on the right to choose the hour and minute.

Referrer and Referrer Domains tracks the URL domain that a visitor has been sent from to your site and shows you intercept to those who do (or do not) match. Set this rule to “is” or “is not” and enter the domain URL you’d like to match.