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Create an Intercept

Select your brand style

Give your intercept a name, which will only be seen in the list of all your intercepts and when selecting your intercepts within the test creation page.

After naming your Intercept, use the dropdown selector on the right to choose a brand style for your Intercept. If you have not created a brand style, Helio’s brand style will be defaulted for you. To create a brand style, click the “Add Brand” action on the right.

Choose your Intercept Type

Select the intercept format that best fits your current experience. Each format can be targeted towards specific participants.

Engage your Participants

Write a custom message and call-to-action to attract participants to give their feedback. Decide how the Intercept CTA will be displayed and at what time.

Each intercept type allows you to add a custom message with up to 500 characters, and a custom CTA label with up to 25 characters. Decide whether to make your partnership with Helio public to your users with the Powered by Helio toggle.

Target your Audience

Show your Intercept to everyone, or choose between every 3rd, 10th, or 20th visitor. Limiting who you show your intercept to can help manage your feedback and the rate of responses you get from your visitors. This can also help randomize your results if you have consistent visitors to your platform each day.

Target specific device types, including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This is useful for segmenting your feedback, or looking into how your visitors are reacting to the experience in a specific context.

Add a Rule to get even more specific!

Add a Rule

Use everything from date & time to URL queries to target the right participants. You can add up to 20 rules to target the visitors that are right for you!