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Parents with Mobile Devices

Audience Description

Participants who have children and own one or more mobile devices. They use their mobile device on a daily basis for activities from texting and calling to work emails and financial transactions.

These parents are usually younger and part of more tech savvy generations. Many of these parents own multiple phones under their name and provide them for their family to use.

Interesting Participant Qualities

37% of parents with mobile devices believe that their children should be between the ages of 11 to 13 years old to have their own mobile phone. 

Parents with Mobile Devices Quotes

We surveyed our audience of Parents with Mobile Devices to understand how they feel about their phone usage and how that affects their family.

“At this age a child is mature enough to go out on his/her own, so we need to give them a phone to keep track of our child.”

“Because we need to communicate with them when they are out.”

“At that age they can use a phone to study and to keep in touch with loved ones.”

“They should only have a phone when they can understand the challenges that come with it.”

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