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Product Design Test Template

UI Comprehension

Why should you use this template?

This test is specialized for one pesky issue: confusing UI. If you’ve been creative with your UI, you may have a beautiful website…that no one can engage with. 

With Helio, you can swiftly check on the comprehension of your design. Do people understand each icon’s purpose? Are you going against expected web patterns? The best part is that you can try as many variations as you want.

This test type can be especially helpful if you are exploring a new problem space that may not have established patterns yet. User confusion is common with innovation–use this template to help iron out the kinks.  


Testing Outcomes

  • Identify problem UI that is contributing to user confusion or frustration.
  • Choose between UI variations by determining the best fit for real users.
  • Validate your assumptions of user expectations in terms of content mapping. 


Organization Benefits

  • Improve usability of your design by removing ambiguity from your UI.
  • Inform decision-making about future content mapping.


Test Questions

  1. Click where you would go first on this page.
    Click Test
    Click tests can be open or closed in terms of goal–whether you want users to explore freely or feel guided to a certain area, you can assess it with click tests.
  2. Click where you would go to find locations where you can withdraw money through this bank.
    Click Test
    You’ll need to adjust this click-test to fit the specifics of your own product or prototype. Consider the essential tasks for your product when writing tasks.
  3. What do you expect to happen if you tap on this icon?
    Free Response
    This free response question will get at the icon-specific assumptions that real users have about the iconography of your product.

Additional Questions

  • Are you familiar with ____?
  • How often do you ____?
  • Tell me about what you typically do on a page like this.
  • Measure response speed of different designs
  • How would you ____?
  • How long would you be willing to look for this information?
  • How do you look for a specific piece of information on a website?
  • Ask them to complete tasks that require comprehension of UI to succeed
  • Click where you would go to ____
  • What would you expect to see when you’re attempting to perform this action?