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Dashboard engagement template

Product Design Test Template

Dashboard Engagement

Why should you use this template? 

Dashboards are a beast to do well. You need to balance detail and digestibility–and people are particular about their data!

Resist the urge to rush the dashboard design at the last minute. The most successful dashboard is one that goes through rigorous prototyping to ensure that it can meet users needs within the context of their work.  

This test is powered by click-tests and free response questions to get deeper into your problem space. With this test, we use a fictional banking platform (“Banko”) to demonstrate the evaluative framework that you can apply to your own dashboard prototype. 


Testing Outcomes

  • Assess overall performance of your product’s dashboard
  • Gain insights from context-specific issues
  • Identify and simplify points of confusion 


Organization Benefits

  • Maintain an empathetic mentality within and beyond your design team
  • Stand out from the competition by anticipating user needs


Test Questions

  1. Click where you would go first on this page.
    Click Test
    Gauge where participants will spend the most time. Use a follow-up to understand why participants look at certain elements of a page longer.
  2. Based on your experience, order these parts of the page from what would be Most Used to Least Used?
    Rank Order
    With ranking questions, you can take into account an overall ideal order of importance between the objects you have on the page.
  3. What part of this page is confusing to you?
    Free Response
    Gauge your users’ comprehension of the different elements you have put in front of them.
  4. Click where you would go if you need to make a payment for an upcoming bill.
    Click Test
    Take users through several directives on the page to ensure that they have a strong understanding of how to use the layout in front of them.


Additional Questions

  • What information do you need on a daily basis? Weekly? monthly?
  • How often do you review [specific data or metrics]?
  • What kind of trends do you look for? Why?
  • What do you compare these numbers to? (historical, average, company, industry, location…)
  • If you saw this, what would you do next?
  • How do you share the information with others?
  • Tell me about the last time you work with data. What tool did you use, what questions were you trying to answer, and how did you make sense of the data?
  • What do you often use Excel for?
  • Show me a report or analytics tool you enjoy using. Why do you like it? (do users prefer in-depth data or answer at a quick glance)
  • What metrics do you typically group together?