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Product browse page

Product Design Test Template

Product Browse Page

Why should you use this template?

The product browsing page is a critical component to success for anyone trying to sell online. With countless competitors, your website needs to stand out by being both easy to use and engaging.

Use this test to determine areas in need of improvement on your current product browsing page.

Once you identify any points of confusion, information gaps, and/or barriers to purchase, you’ll be able to further refine your product browse pages.


Testing Outcomes

  • Identify and find solutions for barriers to purchase
  • Inspect drop-off points in the shopping process
  • Further understanding of customer motivations and preferences


Organization Benefits

  • Turn more visitors into customers
  • Improve brand loyalty and reduce customer dissatisfaction


Test Questions

  1. What actions would you take on the page to find the right product for you?
    Free Response
    Begin by checking your customers’ expectations with an open-ended prompt that gets at their familiarity and preferences within e-commerce websites.
  2. How often do you purchase products online?
    Likert Scale
    Continue exploring your customers’ familiarity with online shopping by asking about frequency. You can also begin to look for response patterns between expert and novice shoppers.
  3. Based on what you see here, click on what you would do first on this page.
    Click Test
    Next, this first click test will serve a gauge of what catches your customers’ eyes. Ideally, you’ve planned for a primary CTA on this page, so this question will validate the success of that CTA.
  4. How does this page compare to others that you’ve seen? Is there anything missing on this page that you need?
    Free Response
    Conduct a quick competitor comparison by asking your customers to reflect on the similarities and differences that they’ve noticed.
  5. Which of the tools on this page would you use Most Often and Least Often?
    MaxDiff Question
    Up next is a maxdiff question to get your customers to further explain their decision making process. What information is most important to them?


Additional Questions

  • Why did (would) you come to this webpage?
  • What do you expect to see on a website while browsing through their products?
  • Based on what you see here, which product would you be most likely to explore further? Why?
  • What, if anything, is stopping you from making a purchase based on what you see here?
  • How would you compare this page to others you’ve seen?
  • Who do you think would find these products useful? Why?
  • How long would you expect to spend on this page?
  • What catches your eye on this page?
  • What would you do based on what you see here?