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Product Design Test Template

Product Details Page

Why should you use this template?

In the mind of your customer lies a complex decision-making process. If you want to sell your product, you need to provide all the information that your customer expects.

Use this test to confirm that all the crucial elements for your shopper’s success are present and understood. This test is powered with click tests and preference questions to get the full picture of your customer’s experience.

Note: the success of your product details page will be closely tied to the performance of your product browsing page–check out our template on that here.


Testing Outcomes

  • Delight your customers by anticipating their shopping needs
  • Reveal any missing information that would become a barrier to purchase if left untreated
  •  Compare design possibilities to find the best solution


Organization Benefits

  • Improved findability is highly correlated with improved overall usability
  • Understanding how users search will inform future design decisions


Test Questions

  1. Which of the following items is Most Important and Least Important be included within a product details page?
    MaxDiff Question
    Start by establishing your customer’s expectations for product information.
  2. Rank the following items based on how influential they are to your shopping decisions.
    Rank Order
    By asking respondents to rank the items, you can get even more detailed data about the importance of each piece of information.
  3. How satisfied are you with the amount of information about this product on the page?
    Likert Scale
    This next question will show respondents an image of your product details page and get their initial impression.
  4. Click on the part of the page that is most influential to your decision-making process.
    Click Test
    Use this click question to see how respondents reported preferences shift within the context of a real product details page.
  5. Click on what you would do next if you were ready to purchase this item.
    Click Test
    This final, optional question is best if you have more than one CTA within your product details page. Ideally, you are focusing all of your user’s attention on the shiny, “Add to Cart” button.


Additional Questions

  • When you’re comparing similar products, what information is most important to your final decision?
  • What is your process for deciding between similar products?
  • What sets this item apart from other products?
  • How influential are testimonials in your product decision process?
  • When something is almost out of stock, how do you react?
  • How do you feel when you see a countdown on an online shop?
  • How can you tell that you are choosing the right product?
  • How do you determine the best place to purchase from?
  • What frustrates you most with online shopping?
  • Tell me about a time that you were ready to buy something, but then decided not to. What happened?