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Product Design Test Template

Product Findability

Why should you use this template?

It can be a huge challenge to get people to your site, so once they’re there, you don’t want to lose them to a confusing layout, ineffective search, or frustrating filtering system.

This specialized test will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your e-commerce experience to ensure increased conversions and a boon to overall revenue.

These questions will focus on evaluating the usability of site search and filtering as well as the overall ease of use of the entire experience.

This test will give you a foundation to begin improving product findability. Consider that even the perfect search/filtering system is only as good as the data that it can pull from—be sure to include rich descriptions and high quality photos for all of your products.

Testing Outcomes

  • Evaluate usability of site search and product filters
  • Measure overall ease of use of the shopping experience
  • Gather insight on the context in which your customers engage with your site

Organization Benefits

  • Product findability is critical to an attractive conversion rate
  • Understanding how and why your customers go to your site will inform future design strategies

Test Questions

  1. Click where you would go to search through all the shirts that this brand has to offer.
    Click Test
    Dive straight into the shopping flow by having customers start at the homepage of your site. Give them a prompt that aligns with your unique goals.
  2. Click where you would go to see the reviews of one of these shirts.
    Click Test
    Next, show your users your search results page. Again, the exact prompt you give here may depend on your specific needs.
  3. Click where you would go once you are ready to purchase this shirt.
    Click Test
    Finish out the flow by asking respondents to choose a final action. This last screen should be a product details page, where you can quickly determine if you’re providing clear information in a visually-pleasing way.
  4. How much do you agree with this statement? “This design’s capabilities meet my requirements”
    Likert Scale
    The next two likert questions are from the UMUX-Lite scale (a widely accepted benchmark for design usability).
  5. How much do you agree with this statement? “This design is easy to use”
    Likert Scale
    This is the second question of the UMUX-Lite scale. With both items, you can calculate an overall usability for your shopping flow.

Additional Questions

  • What are the most common reasons that you shop online?
  • What devices do you use for online shopping?
  • Roughly how much money do you spend in online shopping in a month?
  • How often do you buy for yourself? For others?
  • Show me how you would search for a product
  • Show me how you would refine your search results
  • Show me what you would do if the product you wanted was out of stock.