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Product Design Test Template

Email Marketing

Why should you use this template?
The power of email marketing comes from its versatility–in content, visual style, segmented lists, and more. In return, you have to battle an inbox bursting with competitors for your viewer’s (limited) attention.

Was your message clear? Or was the main point lost behind a few too many colorful adjectives? Maybe one subject line results in 20% more opens than another, with only slightly different language.

With this test, you can feel good knowing that your campaign has been validated by real people before it goes live to your audience. The following items will be a general toolbox of evaluative questions you can ask with Helio to start laying the groundwork for a successful campaign. 


Testing Outcomes

  • Streamline email marketing assets.
  • Resolve any ambiguity in email copy.
  • Forecast how the campaign will be received.


Organization Benefits

  • Actionable insights to better meet customer needs
  • Further develop segmented email lists


Test Questions

  1. How often do you subscribe to newsletters for clothing brands?
    Likert Scale
    We’ll start by getting feedback on your audiences general behavior with email content, and their receptiveness to receiving more.
  2. How often would you expect to receive a newsletter about fashion from a clothing brand?
    Multiple Choice
    This question works great if you’re trying to plan the details of how your newsletter works and how you can match participants expectations.
  3. How well do you understand what this email is offering?
    Likert Scale
    This likert question gives participants a close look at the visual content in order to establish comprehension with the messaging.
  4. Click where you would go first in this email.
    Click Test
    If you have an important CTA in your email content, this is a great way to understand it’s effectiveness. Even if your emails are more education focused, this gives participants a chance to indicate where their eyes go first and become familiar with the content.
  5. What impressions does this email give you?
    Multiple Choice
    Give 8-10 different emotions or impressions to participants and ask them to select all that apply to your email content. Use single-word answer options to simplify the decision making for participants.


Additional Questions

  • What would you do if you received this email?
  • What do you typically expect from promotional emails?
  • Which email do you prefer?
  • Tell me about what you remember from the ad that you just saw.
  • What is your awareness of this brand?
  • Would you interact with this brand further?
  • How did you subscribe to this email in the first place?
  • What did that email want you to do?
  • What is the first thing you looked at? Why?
  • How likely are you to unsubscribe?