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Gravity Scores
Gravity Scores

Compare Usability Across Your Platform's Pages

The Helio Gravity Score brings together thousands of data points to produce a holistic usability score for your products. This method builds on the reliability of SUS testing to quickly measure the usability of your digital or physical products, and provides that measurement as a single score.

3 rounds of testing on Campaign Creation and Analytics designs, and the aggregate usability scores for that testing at the top.

Like SUS testing, Helio’s Gravity Score testing aims to determine the usability of your platform by asking participants a series of questions after they’ve interacted with the experience. The System Usability Scale (SUS) test has been a tried-&-true testing method in product design for nearly 40 years and is used to assess a variety of experiences, from physical to digital products.

The most important part is the consistent measuring of your platform using a repeatable usability questionnaire. Responses from hundreds of participants across 10 templated questions are used to calculate the relative good and bad qualities of the design.

The power of Helio’s Gravity Score over traditional SUS testing is the speed at which you can collect the data and produce your usability scores. By having your participants interact with your product in a digital survey, we can get feedback from hundreds of participants in a matter of hours.

This allows your team to quickly assess the usability of your platform across several pages of a site, and turn out new variations of pages as the scores appear. That means you can spend more time working on the parts of your platform that need most help and less time wondering if you’re resources are being spent in the right place.

Check out our guide on using the Gravity Score so that you can get a holistic understanding of your platform’s usability. We’ll walk you through the steps using an example from our advertising management platform that we call Advent.