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Helio's Video Testing Method Guide
Helio's Video Testing Method Guide

Introduction to Video Testing

We can collect hundreds of pieces of feedback in a matter of hours to determine the success of your video ads. We’ve done it with several different types of video ads, from social media spots to YouTube features, and you can collect the same valuable data on your creative assets too.

LinkedIn video advertisement.

Videos are used in a variety of advertising capacities, both online and in traditional media, so it’s important to test your ads in the right formats. Not all Instagram ads fit cleanly into a LinkedIn post, and Helio gives you the power to quickly test and compare your video ads alignment with your audience on different platforms.

Speaking of that, targeting the right audience is one of the keys to a successful video ad campaign. Helio can give you access to thousands of ready-made audiences for your testing, whether you want to compare YouTube Streamers against Twitch Streamers, or determine what age group of LinkedIn Premium members your message best resonates with.

Ready-made audience for testing.

We’re going to limit your production mistakes with this upfront testing. Getting feedback from participants as early as possible in the creative process is important to catching issues that may appear before launch. The speed of Helio’s data collection can help you test a quick hunch in the morning and make key changes to your ad that afternoon.

If you’re already knee deep in the production process and have two variations of an ad you can’t decide between, a direct Preference test can help make that difficult decision. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data, you’ll see which variation catches participants attention and why they gravitate towards that choice.

Test data in Helio.

Check out the following guide on how to set up your video ad tests and make the most out of your data learnings. We use examples from a study we did on two video ads from Leadpages, a consumer website creation platform, to walk you through the process.