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Introduction to the Method

Imagine having an indirect line of communication with all of your customers that gives you everything they think about your business and product. Now imagine you can instantly collect all this information into patterns that provide insight into your customer’s wants and needs! 

This is the superpower Helio can give you by introducing Your Participants to the platform. Even when you know your product from front to back, customers will be the first to tell you something outrageous about how they’re using it. It’s no longer feasible to make assumptions about how your audience will react. That’s old school. We need to learn from them in their spaces, by borrowing a moment of their time for quick feedback when you need it. We need to meet them where they’re at, not where we are. 

Gathering all of your user’s thoughts into one place is easier than it sounds with Helio’s data reporting tools. On top of the data graphs used to visualize all of the answers to your questions, you can segment and filter responses, create shareable observations from important data points, and send individual replies to participants when you want them to expand on certain ideas. Our Helio Advocates can also help pull the whole process together and produce executive summary decks for easy sharing around your team!

Once you start this feedback loop with your customers, you’ll be creating constant insights for your team to build off of. When you give your users a voice, they love to share their thoughts—whether you asked for them or not. This creates a continuous flow of information that can impact your entire business, regardless of what project you’re working on. Be careful; as you start sharing feedback that impacts other teams, they’ll start hounding you for this data too!

This continuous feedback loop involving your team and your end-users is part of what we call Advocacy. Once you get your advocacy program up & running, you’ll see that it becomes a fortuitous cycle that benefits both you and your customers. The best part?! All of this can be started by simply getting your list of participants into Helio and asking a few questions. This guide will give you the breakdown of how you can start your advocacy program so your team and your customers can start feeling its benefits!

Need Finding Test

Determine your customer’s key motivators to gain insight on their needs. Asking “why” is at the heart of this method.

Use this template for:

  • Product Design
  • Identifying UI Problems
  • Hunch Validations
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