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Gravity Scores

Gravity Score Best Practices: An Introduction to the Method

Everyone knows E=MC^2. You know it. We know it. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. But he has other theories, including one on gravity.  That gravity isn’t a force, but the product of the curvature of mass and energy. Well, you can use gravity in a way to test out your theories about your target audience. It’s what we like to call a Gravity Score.

Albert Einstein.

Your audience is both mass and energy for your product. What they do (or don’t do) dictates the gravity of what you’re offering. It’s only as strong as the intent that your participants bring to the equation.

This guide will be a deep dive into the best practices of Helio‘s Gravity Scores.

Validate Audience Test

Are you reaching your target audience? Begin to answer that crucial question with this specialized customer survey.

Use this template for:

  • Consumer Profiling
  • Ensure your product’s unique selling point aligns with your target audience’s needs
  • Maintain effectiveness of your segmented marketing exploits
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