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Gravity Scores

Setting Up the Gravity Score Test

  1. Select audience
  2. Provide click directives
  3. Set up agreement questions
  4. Get remote survey feedback through Helio

Select an Audience

Once you have identified who you want to test with, Helio has your audience just 1 click away. A Business or Enterprise subscription gives you access to our Advanced Audiences, targeted by professional and consumer behaviors. 

Once your audience is selected, you can begin setting up your survey.

Provide Click Directives

Helio’s click test question type is used to see where participants click when given a specific directive. Instead of asking participants where they would click, give them a purpose on the page. 

You don’t want to lead participants towards the correct answer. Therefore, directives should not use any labels or common words associated with the feature. They should provide a goal that the participant is attempting to achieve. 

For instance, if the action is to input an email for your company’s newsletter, your directive would be: 

“Click where you would go if you want to get monthly messages and promotions from  this company.”

Provide as many click directives in the survey as it takes to convey the idea of how your platform works. Ask participants to interact with different elements on a single page, or bring them through a flow of screens that reach an ending place.

Set Up Agreement Questions

Following your directives, you’ll need to set up 10 likert scale questions. These ask participants whether they agree or disagree with a statement about the designs they just interacted with. 

The SUS method guidelines provide 10 specific questions to use, which are also repurposed for our Gravity Score testing:

  1. “I think that I would like to use this platform frequently.”
  2. “I found this platform unnecessarily complex.”
  3. “I thought this platform was easy to use.”
  4. “I think that I would need the support of a technical person to use this platform.”
  5. “I found the various functions in this platform were well integrated.”
  6. “I thought there was too much inconsistency on this platform.”
  7. “I would imagine that most people would learn to use this platform very quickly.”
  8. “I found this platform cumbersome to use.”
  9. “I felt very confident using this platform.”
  10. “I need to learn a lot of things before I could start using this platform.”

The questions alternate between negative and positive statements. This accounts for any skewing of the results.

Get Remote Survey Feedback

You can send a Gravity Score survey to hundreds of participants and start getting feedback in a matter of minutes. Helio’s remote survey tools, like click tests and prototype directives, let your participants interact and react to your designs as soon as you create them. Reach out to our team (or use the chat bubble on our site) to see what audiences you can start sending surveys to!