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Setting Up the Gravity Score Method

  1. Find your audience
  2. Enter directives into Helio test
  3. Enter questionnaire into Helio test
  4. Collect responses
  5. Enter data into Gravity Score framework

Find your audience

The most important part of your testing always comes first: understanding who you’re talking to. Helio makes it easy with over 1,000 ready-made audiences at your fingertips. If you can’t find the group you’re looking for, reach out to our team and we can create a custom audience for you!

A list of Helio’s ready-made audiences. You can search through over 1,000 audiences in your account!

Enter directives into Helio test

Helio’s click test question type is used to see where participants click when given a specific directive. 

For these types of questions, we suggest providing the click test as a directive that instructs participants to take actions. For instance, instead of “where would you go on the campaign creation page to complete this action?”, you would instruct the tester to “Click where you would go to complete this action on the page.” This puts participants in the mindset of their own goals while using a platform, rather than trying to answer a question that you have posed for them.

You also don’t want to lead participants towards the correct answer. Therefore, directives should not use any labels or common words associated with the feature you want people to interact with. 

For instance, if the action is to sign up for your company’s newsletter, your directive would be: 

“Click where you would go if you want to get monthly messages and promotions from  this company.”

Click test question in Helio directing participants to interact with a design.

Provide as many click directives in the survey as it takes to convey the idea of how your platform works. For the purposes of our ad management platform, that meant giving about 4-5 directives per page. Check out what our directives looked like on the Campaign Creation page.

Enter questionnaire into Helio test

Following your directives, you’ll need to set up 10 Likert Scale questions. These ask participants whether they agree or disagree with a statement about the designs you just showed them. 

The Gravity Score method uses the same 10 question types as the SUS usability test:

SUS questionnaire statements.

The questions alternate between negative and positive statements to determine how participants feel about the usability of your platform. The data from these questions will form the foundation of your Gravity Score method.

Collect responses

You can send a Gravity Score survey to hundreds of participants and start getting feedback in a matter of minutes. Helio’s remote survey tools, like click tests and prototype directives, let your participants interact and react to your designs as soon as you create them. Reach out to our team (or use the chat bubble on our site) to see what audiences you can start sending surveys to!

Enter data into Gravity Score framework

Setting up your own Gravity Score framework is easy using our template below. You can copy the template and have your own Gravity Score formula ready for data in minutes! 

Empty Gravity Score framework ready for data.

Check out the next section about how to enter your data into the Gravity Score template and interpret the results.